Eco-friendly Home Furnishings

Eco-friendly Home Furnishings

image-1000pxHome decorating is an enjoyable project for many, and a great way to express your creativity and design sense. But have you ever thought about going green the next time you decorate?

There are still lingering stigmas about eco-friendly home furnishings falling into the categories of crunchy, bland, and uncomfortable. But times are seriously changing. There are many options for eco-friendly furniture, including high-end designer pieces that can give your room a boost while also supporting the environment.

Eco-friendly home furnishings can be made from recycled materials (such as metals or plastics), sustainable materials (including bamboo, reclaimed wood and hemp) or by simply re-purposing materials and items. Eco-friendly furniture also brings several benefits beyond just diminishing your carbon footprint. Choosing green furniture decreases your exposure to harmful fumes and volatile organic compounds from paints, finishes, and glues that can cause a series of health problems. takes a look at how to buy green furniture.

Here are six examples of eco-friendly furniture that are easy on the eyes and the environment:

Recycled Coffee Stirrer Chandelier
This chandelier looks like something it’s not, because it’s made from thousands of used coffee stirrers. Instead of millions of stirrers going into the landfill, they have found a new purpose as eco-friendly lighting.

Recycled Cork Chaise Lounge
While cork can be made into almost anything, Cortica designed this chaise lounge that blends modern living with a sustainable green design.

Scrapile Table
This unique handcrafted dining table by Scrapile was formed from nontoxic, water-soluble glue and local wood-shop scraps to make innovative furniture at its finest.

Zelfo Australia Peanut Chair
This unique chair is made from Zelfo, a strong, light, and pliable material formed from natural fibers, recycled paper, and other raw cellulose materials.

Oil Drum Furniture
The Pangaea Collection uses recycled oil drums to create furniture like these tables, which make a strong statement in any room.

Wood Crate Furniture
Reusing existing items is an important part of eco-friendly design, and wood crates and wine boxes can be used almost anywhere around the home for shelving and furniture, like these examples on Pinterest.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);