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Archer Building Group is honored to have one of our favorite Redondo Beach remodels featured in the Spring issue of South Bay Home Magazine.
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South Bay HOME Spring 2017

ABG in South Bay HOME Magazine Spring 2016

Archer Building Group is honored to have our Redondo Beach Townhomes featured in the Spring issue of South Bay Home Magazine.
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ABG in South Bay HOME Magazine 2015

Archer Building Group is honored to have our Encino remodel featured in the 2015 Spring issue of South Bay Home Magazine. Click here to read more:
South Bay HOME Spring 2015

Cost Effective Solutions for Backyard Ponds

image-1000pxIf you have been dreaming about a lavish and exuberant pond or water feature for your backyard, you probably already know that it can be an expensive undertaking. Very expensive.

But adding a pond or water feature to your backyard – one that adds that long list of benefits you already envisioned – can also be done without breaking the bank. There are truly multitudes of ways to add that dream water feature to your landscape. With some careful planning, a little creativity and ingenuity, and doing the work yourself – you can still get those picture-perfect results.


Eco-friendly Home Furnishings

image-1000pxHome decorating is an enjoyable project for many, and a great way to express your creativity and design sense. But have you ever thought about going green the next time you decorate?

There are still lingering stigmas about eco-friendly home furnishings falling into the categories of crunchy, bland, and uncomfortable. But times are seriously changing. There are many options for eco-friendly furniture, including high-end designer pieces that can give your room a boost while also supporting the environment.


Ten things to consider when buying your first home

image-1000pxBuying your first home can be an intimidating decision. Not only will it likely be the biggest purchase of your life, but it is oftentimes both a lengthy and complex process.

It goes without saying that there are many factors to consider as a first-time home buyer. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot to know, about a process that commonly takes months to complete from start to finish. Even when things go smoothly, a first-time home buyer will require patience, organization and knowledge to navigate through the process.


Home buying: What to expect on the final walk-through

image-1000pxThe final walk-through is the last step to take just before the home-buying process is complete, and it is a crucial step.

The final walk-through is not a home inspection. But it is the opportunity to ensure the condition of the house hasn’t changed since your last visit, and the chance to ensure you’re getting the same house and amenities you agreed to purchase. It’s also the time to confirm that any previously agreed-upon repairs have been made and the terms of your contract are all met.

It’s tempting to cruise through a final walk-through, or even skip it altogether, especially when you’re pressed for time. But that’s never a good idea. A buyer’s walk-through not only gives you confidence in your purchase, but it can pinpoint any lingering problems that need to be settled before closing. Remember, once you close on the home, the previous owners are not obligated to fix any new damages.


How To Be A Good Neighbor


Anyone who has a neighbor – which is nearly everyone, really – knows the importance of getting along with those who live around you.

Let’s face it: having good neighbors can be great. Bad neighbors can make living conditions miserable.  Regardless of the type of neighborhood you live in or how close your neighbors may or may not be, the ultimate goal for everyone is the same – to live in peace and harmony.


American Colonial Architecture

Colonial Home

Not only is the American Colonial style of architecture the most popular home style in the United States, its direct influences are found in homes styles throughout the country.

The colonial style evolved from the European influences of immigrants, dating back to the 1600s and maintains a lasting influence even today. It brought the styles, techniques and traditions of early American settlers from England and throughout Europe, and settled in what we now refer to as Colonial America. Using what materials were available, the colonists built homes to meet the year-round demands of the climate.


Nine kitchen organization ideas

Organized Kitchen Drawer

Let’s face it: An organized kitchen can make life a lot easier for those of us who spend a lot of time in the most-used room in the house.

Of course, it’s not always so simple, because most kitchens hold a number of items that don’t always fit together. But there are a number of clever items and simple tips to make your kitchen great again.

Beyond cleaning and re-organizing your kitchen to get rid of all the items you never use, here are nine additional organizational ideas for your kitchen: