Date:February 12, 2015

Manhattan Beach Addition and Remodel


This Manhattan Beach project was the result of an inspiring collaboration between the homeowners, the architect, and our construction team.

The homeowners had impeccable taste and a crystal clear vision. They were looking for a complete interior overhaul: two downstairs additions and a second story addition. The goal with the new second story was to seamlessly integrate it into the existing structure while maintaining the  traditional single-story bungalow appearance from the street. The finished product was essentially a new home.

We started by gutting the entire interior. We imported reclaimed lumber for the new ceiling beams, and plastered each interior wall to create a master suite. We included a new kitchen and built new bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. The clients also wanted to create a space large enough to entertain their whole family for the holidays. To accomplish this, we installed stackable doors that gave them the freedom to define an interior space or bring the outdoors inside.

To complete this beautiful remodel, the exterior of the home received brand new shingle siding. This finished project is one of our favorites.