Date:September 26, 2019

Hermosa Beach Remodel

This Hermosa Beach remodel is a coastal classic only 200 feet from the beach.  It was a fun and challenging project.   The original house was built in 1940 on a 1,000 square-foot lot with non-existent setbacks.  Each wall butted up against the property line.  Given that the house is practically sitting on the beach, our clients wanted to maintain every inch of the existing walls but the 1940s floor plan was completely unworkable.  So, we began a game of Tetris – we shored up some walls, suspending them in mid-air, upgraded the entire home’s structure, and reallocated all of the interior space.  We brought the home up to code inside, while still kissing the property line on all four sides.  The end result?  A new beach home, efficient floor plan, updated flow, ocean views from every level (there are three of them), and very happy clients.