Barbara Crenshaw, Torrance Homeowner

"Archer Building is an exceptional company to work with. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of our remodel! The entire Archer Building crew is very professional. Ben is extremely thorough and well prepared. We have received so many compliments on the exterior of our home. Thank you Archer Building."

Dr. Stan Avezov, Pasadena Pets Veterinary Hospital

I found out about Ben through a very close friend. Ben Archer helped him build his veterinary hospital. It took us about a year to find the right location to build my own veterinary hospital. Meanwhile, I had Ben help me choose the appropriate location as well as guide me in the right direction when it came time to choose a location. He was willing to show up to a potential job site with his team in order to assess if that location was worth investing money into and making sure that we will stay within the budget allotted. I think the hardest part about jumping into this project was trying to stay within the budget. The location we were initially scouting was supposed to be between 2,000 sqft - 2500 sqft. However, we found a location that was almost 3,600 sqft. We had Ben assess the location and we all decided that we should be able to design a very nice, large veterinary hospital using a lot of the existing rooms and walls. Ben had asked Joe Spierer, an amazing architect (and also Ben's brother in-law) to design my hospital keeping my budgetary constrains in mind. The hospital had to also conform to the modern veterinary hospital standards. The design was approved fairly quickly by the city and we started with the tenant improvements. On the first day, when we started the demolition, I realized that Ben had hired a great team of people who knew what they were doing. Like a professional surgeon with his scalpel blade, Ben's team removed the walls that were not needed, preserving along the way, the electrical and low voltage cables so they could be re-used at a later time. This alone, saved me lots of money. Along the way, we had several instances when we had to re-evaluate the build-out process and here again; Ben and his team were able to help me decide how to achieve the task while staying within my budget. He was able to guide me in terms of selection of material and finishes, and also in regards to the building code. The city inspections were numerous and each one we passed without any problems. I could see that the city inspectors were very pleased with the quality of the job Ben and his team performed. Along the way, each team of subcontractors Ben had hired performed at the highest possible level. The people were always on time and present to perform the task they were hired to do. After several months of full time work, the job was completed. The final inspection was performed and we, as expected, passed with flying colors. I am a veterinarian but by the time we finished with our build-out, I knew a lot more about the construction process. Most importantly, we stayed within the budget. This was my first hospital I decided to build and Ben made this dream a reality. Even though, the construction process is not an easy one, I am looking forward to have Ben help me with constructing more veterinary hospital in the future. The bottom line is if you want a dependable, trustworthy, professional contractor, talk to Ben Archer first. I will be more than happy to answer any other questions you might have. Feel free to contact me at your convenience. Dr. Stan Avezov Pasadena Pets Veterinary Hospital 2850 E. Foothill Blvd Pasadena, CA 91107 (626) 568-1115

Jake Glucksman, Remodel of Master Bedroom and Walk-in Closet

“We recently used Archer Building for our upstairs remodel and absolutely love the work that was done. Walking into our new master bedroom and closet is a joy every single day. Archer Building provides the utmost professional work. They are timely, respectful, detail oriented, and very thorough! I highly endorse Archer Building and would recommend them to all of my family and friends!”

Rabbi Isaac Jeret, Interior Home Remodel

"Ben Archer is an outstanding professional, worthy of his well-earned reputation as one of the leading General Contractors in the Greater Los Angeles area. I know this first-hand based upon the superb work that he did for me and my family and for the consultation that he has provided to others to whom I have recommended his services. His integrity, communication skills, follow-up, after-the-fact corrections, superb craftsmanship, outstanding eye for design, and highest standards when selecting sub-contractors are all refreshing and truly unmatched in a field marred and tarred by unacceptable unprofessionalism. From high-end residential projects to commercial projects of any range and type, whether remodels or projects from the ground-up, I feel absolutely confident recommending Archer Building Inc., and Ben Archer personally, for any and every job. Friends and colleagues, don't begin a job without asking Ben for a bid and meeting him in person; I highly doubt that you will choose anyone else for your job after meeting with Ben and his incredible team. And, if you do, you are most likely never do so again thereafter!”

Julie Sternberg - Complete Interior and Exterior Remodel

I just completed a MAJOR remodel of my entire house and was fortunate to have worked with Ben Archer and his entire team!  I say this with experience, because when we started our remodel we hired a "less than honest" contractor.  Long story short Archer Building Group took over the project while we were still in rough framing.  The previous contractor's work would have been a danger to the integrity of the house (it was obvious when Archer's team pointed out the many defects).  Ben, Ryan, and Dan bring the business of  "A Contractor" to a whole new level.  Their honesty, integrity, attention to detail, design idea's, pride in fine workmanship were present from the time we met to the conclusion of the job!  My home is beautiful and I have them to thank.

I would recommend Archer Building Group in a heartbeat.  And if I ever take on another project - they have the job!

Dusan Miletich - Interior Remodel

I have used a lot of contractors through the years, and I can safely say that Ben ranks up there with the best of them. We used him to remodel our old house and he did a great job. The thing I like most was his grasp of modern technology and constant communication. Most contractors I know can barely turn on a computer, but Ben would constantly update me with pictures of what was happening in the house and made the process as painless as possible. I HIGHLY recommend him.